All About JOBS!

Why doesn’t Congress pass a jobs bill?

Higher unemployment puts downward pressure on wages

This creates more competition amongst employees

This forces workers to be more compliant and discourages forming and joining unions to protect workers’ rights

Put simply, this helps corporate interests line their pockets


Our economic policies ENCOURAGE the outsourcing of jobs.


What can ordinary citizens do?


Demand a GREEN jobs bill.


Investing in PEOPLE pays off!

American ingenuity is the United States’ TRUE “comparative advantage.”

American ingenuity is enabled through the 1) justice system 2) enforcement of the legal system 3) venture capitalism

Growth involves SAFETY NETS so risks can be taken ie; bankruptcy laws and unemployment benefits.


What can Local Government Do?

Much has to be done at the LOCAL level first to include JOBS IN transportation, housing, amenities like parks and education.

Cities are drivers of change and can push the national podium to do more to bridge the gap in pay and job inequality and provide a lifestyle based on a “modicum of dignity for all.”


Local government must finance and provide subsidies for infrastructure, developing technology, education, and act as an entrepreneurial spark. 

Local government can:

-Provide funding and source grants, provide tax incentives for small local banks to invest in solar specific and weatherization loans to homeowners and businesses. 

-“Buy Back” their energy utility companies (Stranded Asset Management)

-Adopt Anti-Fracking local ordinances

-Allow community solar options ie; for renters, condos, roof tops without the right solar conditions.

-Design and incentivize LEED building codes and standards 

-Consult  and promote energy efficiency programs for home owners and businesses.

-Provide education on energy saving tools ie; NEST smart home thermostats, weatherization Home Energy Ratings assessments, water harvesting systems.

-Provide grants and source funding for green jobs

-Work with local businesses to collaborate with job training and apprenticeships in green fields

-Provide collaboration and assistance with PAIRINGS ie; PhotoVoltaic with Battery Storage (see Tesla)

-Promote and fund community based economics


A well designed tax system can do more than just raise money…

It can be used to improve economic efficiency and reduce inequality! *The Great Divide author Joseph Stiglitz (2015)


I) Tax BAD things more so than GOOD things OR INCENTIVIZE

Tax systems must be re-aligned to promote research, science and technology.


A) Encourage activities that are of widespread benefit;

      Discourage activities that are costly to society.

  1. Bad things –polluters, destabilizing financial transactions
  2. Good things- renewable energy, weatherization and retrofitting project.


1) Fiscal policy of implementing a carbon tax –this will raise money AND stimulate/incentivize firms to make energy-saving investments

2) Tax land, oil, and natural resources (these don’t disappear when they are taxed (factors in “Inelastic Supply”)

3) Windfall profits tax on oil and gas companies

4) Capital gains taxed at least the same as ordinary income tax

5) Transaction tax on financial trading

6) Tax the financial sector

7) Tax multinational firms on their global income

8) Tax Monopoly Profits

    a) Since we fail to make “The Market” truly competitive and fair which are a form of what economists call “rents” we should therefore tax “rents” which INCLUDE natural resources purchased below market values by large corporations.

     b) Have a fair and efficient auction on natural resources.

     c) For corporations that have already obtained these resources at rock bottom “auction giveaways” recoup that value by taxing the resulting profits at a higher rate.

9) Stronger enforcement of Anti-Trust laws, which will be a boon to small businesses.

10) Promote strong local banks

    a) Encourage more lending for small and medium sized businesses

        1) Encourage banks to lend to small and medium sized businesses with city help in; obtaining grants, federal and state funding, work with donors to provide “angel” funding for special community projects, give local incentives such as tax breaks, provide extra public relations and marketing assistance, encourage networking with other collaborative businesses.

    2) Restructure home mortgages

    3) Work with private funding for education and job training through organizations such as Southern Arizona Community Partnership

  4) Fund public investment that yields a HIGH RETURN that are LABOR INTENSIVE ie; high speed rail


 II) Increase expenditures and taxes in a balanced way

 The amount of GDP is increased for every dollar of increased taxes and spending. This is called the Balanced –Budget Multiplier

**Corporations that ARE NOT investing in America and NOT closing tax loopholes PAY MORE in taxes. *The Great Divide author Joseph Stiglitz page 384.


National & Local legislation that creates and forces change:

Public incentives/tax rebates/subsidize renewable energy/DIVEST then REINVEST in renewable energy/community based economics.



  • Smart Expenditures are focused on investments:
  • Technology, Research, Education, Infrastructure


Infrastructure Expenditures:

Updated national power grid, new high speed travel- high speed rail, new green LEED buildings and retrofits of older buildings.


-creates jobs to build and maintain which cannot be outsourced

-creates an aftermarket in materials, sales, and supplies


What are expenditures for Tucson’s industries? Health and Wellness, Farm to Fork, Logistics, Manufacturing, BioTechnology, Optical, Sun Corridor-High Speed Rail, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Transportation


 III) International

 Understand there is BIG money in Climate Disaster Capitalism that is self defeating to our planet

Erase foreign debt currently owed in exchange for climate actions

Loosen green energy patents and transfer the associated technological know-how

Stop foreign entities from buying land from poor countries and bypassing any individual land rights

Stop Genetically Modified Organisms being pushed onto poor countries and against their will

Follow the UN Citizens Charter formed in 1948 that dictates our governments have a responsibility to their citizens.